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25. June Studio 34, Petra Drapšina 34

If you want to revive a problem, challenge, situation or a relationship with a person which has been initiated in the past, which currently exists (in the present) and is expected in the future, join us at this creative and unique workshop: Past, Present, Future.

At this workshop, with the help of the original coaching technique The Coaching Game, POINTS OF YOU (which is a mix of photographs and words), you will come to the answer to the asked questions: What has happened in the past; What is currently happening and what possibilities are there in the future?

With the help of these tools, you will get to new insights, new perspectives, because by playing and merging words and photographs, we activate both hemispheres of the brain.

The workshop is organized by Aleksandra Domić, Points of You practitioner. She has founded GAMEPLAN Education Centre where she constantly works on the creation of new, creative POY workshops. She believes the Points of You tools connect people. They find a way to them in a beautiful, unexpected, but precise manner.

The Bank of Time Workshop is one of the activities within the OPENS Bank of Time project which is supported by OPENS 2019 – EUROPEAN YOUTH CAPITAL NOVI SAD and it is intended for people of up to 30 years old.

The participation in the workshop is free of charge, but the application is necessary by sending the email to the address as well as by the registration at BANKAVREMENA.ORG.RS/REGISTRACIJA.

See you at the new creative space: Studio 34