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BINS Presents: Live Library

8 December Novi Sad, Eđšeg Culture Station

Venue of the event: Eđšeg Culture Station, Antona Čehova 4, Novi Sad
Date and time: 8 December 2019, at 5 p.m.

Live Library works as the actual library, where the readers come to borrow a “book” for a certain period of time. There is one difference: books at the Live Library are people, who represent groups which are often target of prejudice and stereotypes, as well as victims of discrimination and social exclusion. At this library, the books can not only talk but can answer the questions of the readers, and ask questions and learn, and the books and the readers have the opportunity to enter the actual dialogue. “Live Library” is a part of the project “Talk to The Book”, organised by BalkanIDEA Novi Sad.
The project is supported by OPENS2019 – European Youth Capital Novi Sad, Ministry of Culture and Information, The City of Novi Sad, Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

The event will be followed by the exhibition about the equality, where you will be able to enjoy the works of the participants of the “Equality in the Frame” project.

The event is organised within Human Rights Festival, mutually organised by the organisations, members of Pannonian Platform for Human Rights.