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OPENS Thanks Concert

14 December Novi Sad, SPENS

European concert attraction and the globally most successful bend from the Balkans, Dubioza kolektiv, will lead the program of OPENS Party which will be held on 14 December at the Great Hall of SPENS, by which the year of young people in Novi Sad will be celebrated with a huge amount of positive energy!

The celebration will, as all activities of OPENS, be free of charge for all citizens of Novi Sad, with the mandatory registration on http://bit.ly/OPENS_poklon_koncert

During the year of 2019, OPENS has become the synonym for open door which are the transfer of energy, knowledge, experience, information and which has empowered the capacities of young people.

Thanks to the title of the European Youth Capital, a large number of organizations devoted to young people have executed the significant number of projects, with the support of volunteers and, primarily, citizens of Novi Sad of all ages, without whose good energy, none of the events would have had any sense.

The large winter OPENS Party will be organised with the desire for the large number of launch projects to become and remain the tradition of Novi Sad, and the powerful program would be led by the regional heroes Dubioza Kolektiv. Their recognizable fusion of hip-hip, ska and reggae with the admixtures of traditional ethno music has conquered the Balkans, and they won the large audience by provocative lyrics and explosive performances, which is why they are considered one of the best concert attractions.

Stay tuned, more details about the rest of the program will be published soon!