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Love and Its Inside

28. februar OPENS kancelarija, Laze Telečkog 2, Novi Sad

Love always begins with falling in love. Real love is recognised for its strong passion. Real love is complete self-giving to the person we love.

Our beliefs about love manage our love lives and the so-called “partner script” which is often repeated through partner relationships. These believes make us mix passion with being in love, being in love with love and we often end up being hurt or hurting other people. At the workshop, we will deal with our beliefs about love.

Do we enter a relationship because we are emotionally ready and responsible for partnership, or do we do that for pressure (of family, friends, company), loneliness, need to move away, hunger for sex or for filling our emotional emptiness? And finally, when we like someone and we want to get close to them, do our behaviours increase the possibility for that or do they decrease it? What is OK in flirting with someone and what is not?

The workshop is held by:

Sanja Stanković – MA in Sociology, certified group analysist, expert in emotional literacy and work with couples.

Adriana Jovović – the founder of centre for development of skills “Od ljubavi se raste “ (“Love Makes Us Grow”) , transactional analysist and certified host of the programme for emotional literacy.

The participation is FREE OF CHARGE!
Due to limited number of participants, the applications are filed by completing a short questionnaire HTTPS://GOO.GL/FORMS/AXGPPIF2LZW0OCNE2
The application can be completed by 25 February until the end of the day. All participants selected for the application in the workshop will be informed via e-mail.

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