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Media and New Technologies: Peer-To-Peer Training for Young People

16. May Istorijski arhiv Novog Sada

If you are aged 18 to 25 and you are passionate about media and new technologies (journalism and critics, online platforms, digital tools, media theory…) – we would like to invite you to nominate your presentation or workshop through which you would transfer your knowledge and skills to colleagues – your peers of similar interests!

The idea of peer-to-peer training is for young people of similar interests to exchange other skills and ideas which will be useful for them in the development of new initiatives, projects, careers…and to gain the opportunity to make valuable professional acquaintances!

How to apply?

Send us the document with the following information at the address by 18 April 2019:

Name of the lecturer or names of the members of the lecturer team with short biographies (up to 300 words) and contacts (online platforms, blog, website, etc.)
Form of the training (lecture, presentation, workshop etc.)
Name of the training and topic with short description
Particular knowledge and skills which the participants will gain
Duration of the workshop
Expected number of participants (and if it necessary for them to have some previous knowledge)
What equipment is necessary for the workshop
Your contact

The members of Desk Creative Europe Serbia and Novi Sad School of Journalism will assess the applications and select up to 3 most interesting proposals. The notification about the accepted proposals will arrive by 20 April, when we will invite the participants to apply!

Within the training, Novi Sad School of Journalism will hold the workshop called Think Critically about the Media and Recognise False News.

The lecturers will have priority with the participation in other trainings. We are looking forward to the gathering!

Find out more about Desk Creative Europe Serbia at the WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page.
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