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MEKST Conference

22 - 24 November Master Centre

Gaining new know-how from renowned professionals in the field of tourism, hotel industry and marketing for young leaders and those who want to become that, exchange of experience, connection and hanging out – this is the main motive for the launch of the MEKST Conference.

M(e) – international conference has gathered several thousand participants from 15 countries of Europe, so far. What singles out this conference from other conferences is that its purpose is to gather young leaders in the field of tourism, hotel industry and marketing at one place, in Novi Sad.

K – conference, because this type of public lectures is the best way for a large number of participants to meet with the trends in the fields of tourism, hotel industry and marketing at one place. Thanks to MEKST, numerous students and young leaders have had the chance to hear international professionals and gain knowledge which they could not gain within their bachelor studies, for the first time.

S – students and young leaders who are at the beginning of gaining business skills, who are, with numerous new skills we offer, ready to implement all novelties they learn during the conference in the right way. The manner of communication, skills in the field of marketing and PR, sales, following the trends in the field of hotel industry, listening to the market, these are only some of the topics we have successfully dealt with for 5 years.

T – tourism and hotel industry, the leading and the fastest growing branch of industry, with the value of almost eight trillion (eight thousand million) dollar at the global level. Tourism is constantly transforming and developing, which is why the conferences such as MEKST are the best way to follow all changes in this field and to create adequate strategies for the future.

MEKST, i.e. International Conference of Students of Tourism and Hotel Industry, is constantly growing, as well as the number of its participants. This is where the bright future is built and where new acquaintances are gained.

All of that, makes MEKST unique event in the entire region and brings hope that the golden age of tourism of this part of Europe is yet to come!

MEKST Conference will be held from 22 to 24 November 2019 in Novi Sad. The attendance of more than 1,200 participants is expected. The conference consists of three topics:

1. New trends in hotel industry
2.Use of digital marketing in tourism
3.MICE tourism