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Opening of the “Young People Choose” Exhibition

1. februar 2019. Galerija Matice srpske

Matica Srpska Gallery, as the museum which honestly believes in the contribution of the culture institutions to the education of young people and its opening towards them, organises the exhibition called “Young People Choose” – the exhibition of the part of Matica Srpska Gallery according to the selection of the high-school pupils.

More than twenty high-school pupils from Novi Sad met with different fields of the museum work called “Small School of Museology”. At the workshop with curators, conservators, museum educators and managers in culture learned how a museum operates and what the opportunities it provides. After several months, the high-school pupils got the chance to create their own exhibition.

The motto of Novi Sad as the European Youth Capital is We want to colour our city and open the door to young people towards the achievement of their goals, simultaneously show our desires to mutually create prettier and better Novi Sad.

During the exhibition, OPENS Youth Club will have the so-called OPENS Zone, where all visitors of the exhibition will have the chance to meet with the idea and the programmes of Novi Sad as the European Youth Capital.