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OPENS Camper – Futog

16. mart Poljoprivredna škola sa domom učenika, Futog

Once a month, OPENS Youth Club along with volunteers and the Camper, visits the suburbs of the city of Novi Sad.
On Saturday, 16 March between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. we will hang out with young people from Futog. The OPENS Camper will be parked at the yard of Agriculture High-School with Dorm in Futog, Carice Milice 2, where young people will have the opportunity to meet different interesting activities offered by OPENS.
The purpose of the activity is the execution of the moved youth work with young people, promotion of OPENS, our programmes and activities, targeting on one hand the young people who do not have the opportunity to participate in daily contents executed in Novi Sad. Youth sector, along with the volunteers, will implement the contents interesting for young people, with the purpose of informing them about OPENS, about the manner of joining the activities of OPENS as well as the activities implemented by the organisations which are financed by the OPENS competitions.

The following activities are created based on the activities of Mobile Youth Club implemented by YOUTH WORK CENTRE in partnership with JAZAS YOUTH NOVI SAD.

We would specially like to thank the partners from Agriculture School in Futog, who provided us with their yard for the execution of this activity.

HERE, you will find the link to the Facebook event.