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until June 25th OPENS

You know the well-known millennial quarrel in Novi Sad between the two groups of people about which index sandwich is better – the one in Maja or the one in Vanesa? Not even us, within the team, can agree on which place should be recommended to our guests. So we decided that you should be the one to decide!

We designed the “OPENS Challenge” – competition among young people directed to the development of the youth tourism. Actually, it is simpler that it is written: we just want to provide young citizens of Novi Sad with the opportunity to introduce their city to young people from the region and Europe by creating a short, modern and interested tourist guide for those who come to Novi Sad. If you know what is the best Novi Sad can offer and if you know how to present your city in an interesting way, this is a competition for you! Show us your photos and pieces of advice how young people see Novi Sad!

You can find more information here.