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OPENS Living Room: “The Other Side of Internet”

12. June SPENS - amphitheatre

How to recognize a fake Instagram profile?

Are online business contests safe?

How can my photographs end up in the hands of predators?

Who is watching me when I’m online?

Who to call if someone is misusing our data?

European Youth Capital Novi Sad 2019 and TIJANA JURIĆ FOUNDATION invite you to the OPENS Living Room: “The Other Side of Internet” on 12 June from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


In the era of the internet, when everything is just a click away, all of us have limitless possibilities for communication, information, fun and learning.

Since that we rely on the internet more and more these days, it is very important to meet “the other side of internet” and how internet can cause danger.


Human trafficking, organ trafficking, sexual and work exploitation,  recruitment by predators, internet and video game addiction, “online flirting” are only some of many types of the misuse of internet.

We often think that that happens to “someone over there”, far away from us and that there is no possibility for us to face something like that.


According to the statistics, there is the increasing number of young people who are victims of the misuse of internet, which is why it is necessary to enable the internet users to find out what actions can lead us to the undesired situations, and what are their consequences.


Igor Jurić, the founder of “Tijana Jurić” Foundation will tell us what he knows and what experiences he has about the topic.

The participation in the panel is free of charge! All interested people can book their place via online application, not later than 11 June (by midnight):