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OPENS Living Room: From Bunt to Autonomy

26 September Svilara

According to global indicators, the process of biological and psycho-social development of adolescents is prolonged and lasts from the age of 15 until 25.

Psychological separation is one of the universal experiences of adolescents, which is the process of the release from the dependence of parents as the necessary condition for the creation of personal identity and individuality, whose outcome can be followed through the success of the adaptation to numerous changes.

Numerous problems of mental health in the period of adolescence are the expressed symptoms of the fight of adolescents for separation and autonomy.
Lewin’s expression “marginal man”, by an adolescent is described, is a good illustration of the position assigned to young people in this period, because it indicates constant balancing between the role of a child and a role of an adult.

What is, from the perspective of an adolescent, searching for a sense and new values, experimenting with new roles and goals, attempt to achieve autonomy, from the perspective of adults, it is bunt, lack of respect for authority and problematic behaviour.


Maja Pavlov: BA in Psychology, has the status of the international (part-time) educator and supervisor of transactional analysis (PTSTA) and also certified NLP trainer. Psychotherapy, counselling, work with colleagues supervisors is her main field of work. She also holds intensive educational development groups within TA educations, as well as NLP trainings.

Vladan Beara: psychologist and REBT therapist. Vladan works with psychotherapy for 18 years. He works with war veterans and war-traumatized persons at the Centre for War Trauma in Novi Sad since 1999. He is currently at the position of an educator and supervisor in the Centre.

Moderator of the panel:

Jelena Mirić: student of media studies department and student pro-dean at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, she is 24 years old and comes from Croatia. Jelena is an advocate of student activism, in love with work, productivity and creativity of young people.

Participation in the panel is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited. If you want to book your seat at the panel, you can apply BY FILLING OUT THE SHORT ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE APPLICATION FORM at the link until 24 September by midnight.

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