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OPENS Living Room: LIVE with Kontrakulturna

16. april TC Promenada, Novi Sad

She is young, creative and versatile artist who fights clichés with her firm attitude and authentic energy and uses her five minutes of fame to crash taboos and talk about the stories no one is talking about. Jelena Nikolić, aka KONTRAKULTURNA is our guest.

Authentic look, inspirational style, short stories about love, people, relationships, world, culture, happiness, her obstinacy and persistence are part of her Instagram “portfolio” where she is the role model and inspiration to young people to move, be more themselves and successful and less lazy and superficial.

We can follow her daily on social networks, measure her impact and what makes her influential and recognisable in the world of young people, but apart from being counter cultural, she is a stylist, writer, DJ, student of two faculties, radio host, PR consultant, young, herself and successful.

Come to Promenada on 16 April, at 6 p.m. to the rest corner at the ground floor, next to the Reserved store, to talk to Jelena about happiness, work, love, satisfaction, criteria, choices and everything that has sense at that moment.

You can also watch the discussion live on our INSTAGRAM profile.

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