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OPENS Living Room: “We are Going Live with Leni Wolfy”

13. maj TC Promenada, Novi Sad

She used to be a part of famous YouTube team from Novi Sad – Yasserstain, known as Leni Wolfy. OPENS Living Room is welcoming Milica Perović.

Leni is a part of Tubesday Tuesday show about YouTube culture, within which every Tuesday, she shows us what is new on the Serbian YouTube scene.

On Instagram, she is also known as Leni Wolfy, and her profile is followed by several thousands of followers who every day read, watch and comment the post of young Milica, who is, apart from her YouTube and acting career, also a mother.

How good she is in what she does professionally and personally can be seen on her Instagram profile, where she always tries to show her true self and to present the way she is, especially to young people.

She is one of rare people who do not hesitate to talk about topics significant for growing up, formation of personality and everyday life of young people and to use her 5 minutes on social networks to highlight the real values, topics significant to young people and placement of educational content.

We will talk to Leni Wolfy about these and many other topics at OPENS Living Room, on 13 May at 6 p.m. at Promenada (rest corner, ground floor).

You can follow the discussion live on the INSTAGRAM profile of OPENS.

See you!