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OPENS School of Short Film

03-24.04 OPENS kancelarija, Laze Telečkog 2, Novi Sad

OPENS2019 and Independent Film Centre Kino Klub Novi Sad would like to invite you to the OPENS School of Short Film, consisting of 4 workshops.

The purpose of these workshops is for participants to create short documentary or feature films individually or in a team, about young people in Novi Sad.

During the workshop, at four three-hour courses, the participants will pass through all phases of working on a film – from the idea to the development of a screenplay to its filming and production.

The films will be created by the devices the participants have, mobile phones, cameras or video recorders. This is an intensive course through which we will pass through all possibilities and the tactics of guerrilla film shooting by means of hand tools, for the final outcome to look as good as possible.

The programme:
Introduction to the topic and the work at the workshop (3 April).
Introduction of the participants. Discussion about the ideas for the films which would be done. Examples of the films created by the similar method.
Short course in synopsis and screenplay writing for a short documentary or featured film. Practicing of screenplay writing.
The participants of the workshop will have the homework to create their proposal of the screenplay by the next class.

Discussion and analysis of the screenplay (10 April)
Suggestions about further development of the screenplay. Division in teams according to the criteria of similar or same ideas for the film. Short course in filming by video recorder, camera and mobile phone – what is focal length, what is aperture, how to set camera sensitivity and exposure length, how these parameters influence the recorded image, how to use them in a creative manner and what to do when the technique does not allow their control. Daylight recording, night recording, basic setup of lights and sound recording basis.
The participants will have the homework to finalise their screenplays.

Creation of the filming plan (17 April )
Selection of locations, creation and procurement of the necessary props.
Basis of film language – film plan, recourses and camera movements. How to use them. Creation of filming books for films which will be created.
The homework for the participants will be to prepare the filming in accordance with the agreed filming plan.

Filming according to the defined plan, review of the material and rough montage of the films. Basic principles and possibilities of processing of image and tone in montage (24 April)
The homework for the participants will be to create the material necessary for production – music, titles, additional graphic, additional inserts if necessary.

Workshop host:
Filip Markovinović is a film, theatre and TV director from Novi Sad. He has made dozens of theatre directors, short feature films and documentaries as well as hundreds of TV shows. Within NFC Kino Klub Novi Sad, he has held several workshops in Novi Sad, Serbia and the region.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge, but the previous application is necessary. All interested young people, fill in the online application in the form of the questionnaire at the following LINK, not later than 1 April at 4 p.m. All selected participants will be sent an e-mail confirmation.

See you ☺