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OPENS work room: “Community of the Deaf – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

13 March OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2, Novi Sad

The purpose of OPENS work room of volunteers and young enthusiasts is to create activities for other young people. On Wednesday, 13 March, we will hang out with the volunteer Katarina Agbaba who has, along with her friends and colleagues Vojislav Đorđević and Mihailo Gordić thought of the workshop “Community of the Deaf – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. The workshop is created with the purpose of informing young people about the community of the deaf and almost deaf people, culture, tradition and identity as well as the manners of communication with deaf people. The idea is to raise awareness of young people on numerous obstacles with which the deaf people face and elimination of prejudices and stereotypes which have followed the community of the deaf people for years.
The first part of the workshop will be the presentation of culture, identity, rights and generally bringing the community of the deaf people closer. The second part of the workshop brings the introduction with the poetry and prose in sign language. The history of world poetry in sign language and poetry in sign language here. And finally, the performance of poetry in sign language. After that, the part of the performance “We touch…by what? Dreams…” of the Culture Art Society of Deaf People of Belgrade “Radivoj Popović”.
The application is mandatory and it possible ONLINE, not later than 11 March by the end of the day. The selected participants will be sent an e-mail on participation in the workshop on Tuesday, 12 March.

Find the link to the Facebook event HERE.