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OPENS Work Room: “World on the Palm of Your Hand”

17. May Svilara - Culture Station

Thanks to the internet and the availability of information today, travelling is at our fingertips. After-school activities, professional education during studies and informal education can enable a paid stay in different parts of the world. How to find the road to other faculties in other places and countries, to learning other languages and to the stamps of 59 different countries in the passport will be explained by Maja Orhian, whose path is created by countless kilometres around the planet.

OPENS Living Room: “World at the Palm of Your Hand” is a place of informing young people about professional internships, exchanges of pupils and students, informal education and travelling. The idea is to show young people the advantages of using the internet, social networks and digital marketing through a presentation, as well as to use the personal stories of the lecturer and the research around the world to raise awareness about our environment, world around us and our place in it. That will be followed by and exhibition of photographs made during the travel around the world. The exhibition is called The List of Emotions, and it is a kind of an experiment about whether photographs can transfer the real emotion captured kilometres away, far from the eyes of the viewers.

Maja Orhian, the 29-year-old passionate travel-colic and an engineer of Geodesy, lover of extreme sports and adventures, brought at least 59 different experiences, large number of visited places, numerous photographs, numerous people, world, songs and experiences from numerous adventures like staying in Sahara, swimming with jaws, climbing an active volcano in Chile, stay at desert islands of Philippines, volunteering in Africa and Asia, watching polar light at Alaska. Those experiences crashed her prejudices, added some perspectives, brought the meridians closer and made her a small ambassador of her own country.
Maja about her photographs:
“My photographs can only touch numerous hearts and leave the viewer as a changed person for what he or she has seen. My photographs can influence the consciousness and conscience, they can discover, celebrate, talk in the name of those who cannot talk, protect those whose voice is not heard far enough. The photographs can freeze the moment forever, so that it does not escape, bring colours, place but not the emotions because they cannot fit in a photograph.”

See you in Svilara, Friday, 17 May at 8 p.m. ☺