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OPENS Workshop: Body As An Instrument

24. June OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2, Novi Sad

Every day, we use our body as a tool, but do we know it can be a musical instrument too?

Introduction with the technique of body percussion enables us to discover different possibilities, which create something magnificent from something daily. A movement, song, laugh and work in a group makes the work on ourselves some kind of satisfaction. Because, at these workshops, we once again conquer our bodies and bring the feeling when the one who is directing and the one who is working are the same, cheerful being, present at the moment.

Apart from music games and simple songs – for which you do not need to be a singer or know how to sing – we do different interesting exercises and games, mixing fun and development of our own possibilities.

The workshop is hosted by ANA VRBAŠKI (singer, theatre performer, composer) and MARKO DINJAŠKI (drummer, percussionist, theatre performer), members of the association of citizens OTVORENI KRUG NOVI SAD, better known as ALICE IN WONDERBAND.

All interested people can apply for the participation in the workshop by completing the online form HTTPS://FORMS.GLE/S4LPUUVYG6TQAKTY9 by 21 June at 5 p.m.

See you!