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7 - 16 November OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2

Are you ready to travel to a new adventure?

The course in sign language which consists of four related workshops will enable you to master sign language and use basic communication with people with hearing disabilities.

Join us and meet the world in a new manner.
Learn the sign language and enrich your friendship with people with hearing disabilities.

Why sign language?
Sign language connects hearing and deaf people
You can communicate through a closed window
You can communicate under water
You can communicate from a remote part of the room without yelling
You can make friends with deaf people
For deaf people around us not be excluded and isolated
For the world not to belong only to hearing people and for all of us to feel better and more comfortable.

At the course, you will learn basic communication and how to communicate with a deaf person.

Applications for the workshop are mandatory. The applied and selected participants are expected to attend all 4 related workshops.
Workshop hours are: 7, 9, 12 and 16 November from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Due to the limited number of participants, the applications are sent to the e-mail not later than 5 November. All participants who receive the confirmation to the e-mail are automatically applied.
In the mail, it is necessary to state: name, surname, age, motivation for the participation in the workshop.

The attendance is free of charge.
Nina Baranovski, workshop host:
I am a sign language interpreter, a child of deaf parents who first learned how to use sign language and then to talk Serbian. I am currently attending master studies in defectology and I deal with interpreting and organization of training in sign language. I bring the love for sign language from my family and my mission is for as many people as possible to meet the beauty of the language and to meet the world of the deaf, their language, culture… I work on the promotion of the language with my colleague who is deaf, as well as on the creation of more available environment for deaf people and availability of the contents in the environment in which they live, but also on raising awareness among hearing population on the manner of the communication with deaf people. We have founded our association of interpreters and translators for sign language and we are first in Serbia with the license for Sign Language Teaching Program. One of the visions of our association is for the sign language to enter the education system as an elective subject.

Link to the Facebook event can be found HERE.