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Workshop: Tango – Contact without Words

20th July The Danube Park

Join us at another OPENS workshop. Let’s dance tango under the stars, in the Danube Park!

The workshop is intended for young people up to 30 years old, who are interested in participating in the discussion dedicated to the social interaction through nonverbal communication, especially through the tango dance as one of its forms. The participants will also have the possibility to practically try out the dance and specific nonverbal communication by being hugged.

During this workshop, we will:

  • Mutually raise awareness on the functioning of social communication
  • Discuss the significance of communication without words (facial expression, posture and
    gestures, etc.)

And, what is most important: Try all of that while dancing in the tango hug! 🙂

How to apply:
If you are interested in the participation, it is necessary that you send the application with your name and surname, as well as the name of the workshop at the following e-mail address: not later than 19th July (Thursday, until 4 p.m.) Since the number of participants is limited, do that as soon as possible.
Note: You don’t need any equipment. Just bring your smile!

What is Argentine tango?
Argentine tango is not just the music and dance that follows it. It was created in Buenos Aires as the bunt against strict behavioural rules of the higher social class. It brings close, sincere openness of a person, first towards themselves, as well as towards others. Tango is a social dance, which means that there are no steps, there is nothing that “must” be done; it only presents mutual exchange of emotions not just with the person with whom you dance, but with everyone else present at the particular moment. That might be what makes it mysterious and popular for more than 100 years. In 2009, tango joined the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage.

Workshop hosts:
Dejan dr Lukić and Ana Nauparac Despotović are the pioneers in the expansion of the tango culture in Vojvodina since 2007, as well as the founders of Todo Tango Association. As dancers and choreographers, they have participated in international manifestations such as tango festivals BTA, Tango Budapest Tango Festival, Istanbul Tango meetings and they have had lectures at numerous seminars of tango techniques, presenting their city and country.
They are the organisers of more than seventy dance nights, 7 concerts of tango music, the “Under the Stars” show. With their Todo Tango Association, they participated at the concert of the orchestra of Stefan Milenković called “Tango Compas”, at the Argentine orchestra “Violentango”. They participated in the large manifestations in Serbia, such as EXIT, Street Musicians Festival, Museum Night, New Year Music Performance of Matica Srpska, the “Stravinski” project in cooperation with the Music Academy of the University of Novi Sad, the “Summer in the Gallery Garden” project organised by Matica Srpska Gallery and Pavle Beljanski Foundation, and the most versatile projects are the concert and tango performance “Love Story” in Novi Sad Synagogue in cooperation with the “Majrina” piano duo, promotional video of the city “Novi Sad Tango City” with the support of TONS,
and the organisation of the international festival Novi Sad – Tango City.

Workshop hosts:
Dejan Lukić is a resident of general surgery at the Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina and teaching assistent at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad. He is also certified population health educator for young people. Between 2003 and 2007, he was SCORE (Standing Committee on Reproductive Health HIV and AIDS) coordinator at the local level, and since 2005 on the national level; WAD (World AIDS Day) coordinator, where he coordinated and held more than 150 workshops for young people. This
practical experience and 15 years of dancing work regarding the education of young people and adults in the area of the Argentine tango significantly contributes to the expansion of the general art and culture.

Ana N. Despotović is professor of Serbian language and certified educator for the education of trainers in working with young people on the development of the local community, of Education and Communication Department at Hȫgskolan Jȫnkȫping University in Sweden. She was a part of the organisational team and coordinator of the “Pronimanija” youth festival in Novi Sad. Ana worked on the planning and organisation of the training for adults called “Communication Culture”, in cooperation with Liman 2 local community and spent 60 hours training young people in local community, about the resolution of conflicts and training of young leaders. She participated in the realisation of “24 Hours of Liman” action in 2007-2008 and several actions of the Youth Work Centre Žitni Trg, in dance-recreaton workshops. She also finished the “Public Relations” training organised by Forum Syd, Novi Sad. Apart from that, for more than 15 years, she is devoted to the dance and its impact on better socialisation of people in cities.