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“School of Corporate Social Responsibility”

25. mart OPENS kancelarija, Laze Telečkog 2, Novi Sad

At the school of youth social entrepreneurship, we support young people to be proactive, to launch the business they want to deal with, to learn how to solve a certain social problem, create positive social impact and certain value.

The school of youth social entrepreneurship is based on the principles of cooperation, openness for creative work, development of competences and innovation among young people, and it is supportive, creative environment. Our lecturers and mentors are there to transfer the knowledge, experience and skills they have.

At the school, we will deal with the development of creative individual, his or her personal and professional development as well as the networking of young and creative people. The participants of the programme will participate in the creation of creative and innovative ideals, events and/or services which can solve problems in a constructive and self-sustainable manner.

This issue of School of Youth Social Entrepreneurship consists of workshops:

Workshop: Present Your Dream Job (25 March)
You will learn how to tell the story about what you want and like to do and to visually show what iit is that moves, inspires, motivates you, what your vision is and what are the skills you should gain and retain as a young entrepreneur.
The tools we will use at this workshop are @Points of You creative, innovative tools which enable you to simultaneously activate left and right brain hemisphere of the brain with photography and words (on the cards) and thereby reach the harmonic whole, new insights and unique communication, i.e. connection with yourself and with others.
The workshop is hosted by Aleksandra Domić, Points of You Practitioner and Heal Your Life trainer. The founder of educational centre GamePlan and associate of Novi Sad Educational Centre. With her authentic workshops, she participated in the project of the empowerment of youth entrepreneurship. She organised two retreat programmes. In her work, she uses Points of You tool which brings us to the world of new comprehensions by photographs, mindfulness, stories and music.

Workshop: Corporate Social Responsibility Game TriP (people, planet, profile) with the @CDOP . Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility team (1 April)
The purpose of the table game (gamification) is to take the participants through the experience of creation and development of social, i.e. corporate social enterprise. For us, the job can be good, but how to reach that is something that we will learn through this game.

Workshop: Recognition of Opportunities, Insight and Change of Business Model CANVAS & PERSONA CANVAS (8 April)
Creation of the CANVAS business model is adjusted to the needs of the target group (persona canvas) as well as planning of the activities which can enable the responsible to the needs of the target group. Customer journeys canvas is the oriented graph which describes the customer journey by presenting different contact points which characterise its interaction with a service and product.
The CANVAS business model should respond to the manner in which the entrepreneur or organisation creates and delivers value and reaches the new sources of financing and self-sustainability.

Workshop: Marketing and Communication of Corporate Social Companies/Organisations (15 April)
Activist-Tailored Marketing; Entrepreneurships with Social Mission; Marketing Strategic Approach; Key Tactics; Creation of Marketing Plan…

The School of Youth Social Entrepreneurship will be organised at OPENS, Laze Telečkog 2.
The dates of the workshops are: 25 March, 1 April, 8 April, 15 April between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The participation in the workshops is free of charge, but due to the limited number of participants, it is necessary to fill in the application in the form of the short QUESTIONNAIRE not later than 23 March at 10 a.m. The confirmation about the workshop will be received via email, two days before the event.