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Start Up Yourself 2.0

28. mart 2019. Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine

Do you think the internet is the place you can find out everything? Maybe. But that is not always the best way.

When it comes to meeting the road to success of interesting brands, we have a better proposal. So, make your Thursday, 28 March, evening available, take your team if you like and go to MCAV – The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina. At the entrance, just behind the DJ, you will get the map, line-up and headset with three channels.

It is up to you to follow the map, because at the upper floor, among the new setup of the Museum, there are three simultaneous discussions with famous brands, and you choose which one you want to listen.

And, the story? Well, the story is the following…

Today, Ivica i Majica were late to Državni Posao, they said they were playing games at Eipix and that their phone battery was empty. They did not have the charger, so they asked Eko Kurir to bring it to them, but in the meantime, the realised that could charge their phones by Strawberry energy. At the bench next to them, there were Marinush and SHII clothing, successfully retelling Wacky Sheep and Brica from Čarolija Berberaj the events from Dev9, thinking about the new adventure. Hearing the conversation, Ivica whispered Marica that they could invite them to Eco hostel Republik, but Brica proposed to start the adventure from Fruškać.
Hungry crew finally ended up at Toster Bar, while LVLUP Barcraft & e-sport club supported the team for the world championship in Dota 2 in China. It sounds like we were dreaming, isn’t it?
Come and make sure we are telling the truth.

But, come on time, because the whole experience will begin with the public lesion in home mixology. Recommended by Tri Petice, and that is not something you will learn at home.

MCAV – The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina
28 March
7 p.m.

@Silent Speed Dating with start-ups!

More information – HERE.