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Stress: Sticking Nose in Every Life Situation

29.10. OPENS kancelarija, Laze Telečkog 2

One of the psychological terms that are used on almost daily basis, whose real meaning is not known to many people, is STRESS. We can hear today how people are “stressed, under stress, that stress is breaking them/eating them out, that stress is the monster of the modern age, that it is dangerous and one of the greatest culprits of physical and mental illnesses today.” Have you ever asked yourself if that is actually the situation? If so, why is that the situation today, and it was not the problem earlier? And finally, how to deal with that monster?
Why is it dangerous to use and interpret such an important process as stress wrongly? How has stress, as an extremely complex phenomena, become ego-syntonic, meaning that people interpret it as something out of their control, something that comes from outside and something that is not created by themselves, on internal level? Finally, how has stress become an ideal excuse for feeling powerless, suffering chronical fatigue, reluctance, i.e. how has it become a colloquial name ideal for the manipulation of ourselves and our environment? It is hard to say that it leaves us away from confronting the real nature of stress. Responsibility of us, experts who deal with mental health is to offer the exact explanation of such important psychological phenomena, their nature, interactions in which they occur and finally, how people can deal with it efficiently.

In accordance with that, at this workshop, we will deal with stress in a scientific and professional manner. We will make a clear distinction about what stress is not (but is considered to be), what stress is, what is its natural and evolutive meaning, which part has the potential for development of some type of pathology and finally, how to deal with stress efficiently.

The workshop will last from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. and the venue is OPENS 2019 Youth Club at Laze Telečkog 2.

If you are interested in the participation, it is necessary to send the application with your name and surname, age and the name of the workshop at before 26 October at midday, and we will send you the email with the confirmation for the participation in the workshop.

Workshop host:
Filip Đorđević, BA in psychology, psychological counsellor, psychotherapists of transactional analysis (in education), founder of “Đorđević” Psychological Centre in Novi Sad.
He performs psychological counselling and psychotherapy with clients since 2013 in several counselling centres in Novi Sad and Belgrade. In October 2017, he opened his psychological counselling centre in which he works with several colleagues. He uses ecliptic approach in his work, i.e. the approach adjusted to each individual client, because he believes that every person is unique and unrepeatable, and thereby every intervention is in a way unrepeatable and unique. He prefers client-oriented therapy, cognitive behavioural directions such as ratio-emotional-behavioural therapy, acting therapy, he enjoys gestalt techniques and is based on the ROD model from the perspective of transactional analysis.
He deals with stress well, thus he has recorded very successful works with traumatized persons and war participants.
He adores working with young people. His impression is that he has passed all youth phases and managed to overcome them, today he is motivated by his own experience, knowledge and professional work, by helping young people find authentic self, to live according to their own believes, satisfied, successful and creative. There is no greater happiness than that, and nobody is teaching us that.

Link to the event on the Facebook page can be found HERE.