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“Travel Around the World” Competition

18. May Promenada

Warming for Novi Sad Ultra Challenger competition will be on 18 May at the courts of Promenada.

The basketball spectacle, competition in 3×3 basketball named “NOVI SAD ULTRA CHALLENGER” at the city of Novi Sad, organized by FIBA and basket clubs “Novi Sad 3×3” and “Liman 3×3” will be held at the Liberty Square on 24 and 25 May, and for those who love basketball, the organizers have prepared mutual warming for the upcoming competition.

The best 3×3 basketball teams of the world are ready for the competition, and the citizens of Novi Sad will have the chance to fight with them in the popular game “Travel Around the World”, on 18 May at the courts of Promenada Shopping Centre from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All those who want to try this basketball game can apply from 10 to 17 May by filling in the form below. Six best basketball players come from Novi Sad so each of them will lead a team at this special warming for the upcoming competition in the city centre. The competitors will have the chance to be in the team with Marko Savić, Dušan Bulut, Stefan Stojačić, Marko Ždero, Dejan Majstorović or the coach of the national team, Danilo Lukić.

The applied participants will be allocated in 6 teams, and the best from the 6 teams will go to the finals while the winners of the competition, those who win the first three places will get some of the awards of the sport brands of Promenada Shopping Centre – Extra Sports, Under Armour, Pro Fitness Centar and Proteini.si.

You can send the application via this link – BIT.LY/PUTOKOSVETA