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9 March Serbian National Theatre

“Who Killed Janice Joplin?” is an intriguing play with a lot of music which brings us back to the year of 1970, room no. 105 of the Hollywood’s Landmark Hotel, where Janice Joplin died at the age of only 27.

The question is – WHO KILLED JANICE JOPLIN? Was it her family, friends, failed love, alcohol, drugs or society in which she lived? And does the same society kill women today, too?

Through the biographical story about the rock star of the 1960s, we find out how the generations of beatniks of the time lived and why it was so difficult to be a woman who did not fit the standards of the conservative environment imposed.

The play introduces Janice Joplin, the pioneer among women in music, a feminist who is not aware that she is a feminist and a woman who has left a kind of rulebook for “wild women” behind her.

The “Who Killed Janice Joplin?” play is performed in co-production of OPENS and the Serbian National Theatre and it is directed by Sonja Petrović, according to the original screenplay of Tijana Grumić.

A part of the income from the play is intended for the empowerment of young girls and women through OPENS’ Fund for Personal Development of Young People.

The play is starring: Bojana Milanović, Sonja Isailović, Vukašin Ranđelović, Dimitrije Aranđelović, Stefan Vukić, Petar Banjac, Filip Grubač and Igor Sakač.

The set is designed by Željko Piškorić, costumes by Senka Ranisavljević, light by Marko Radanović and UV band which will perform live is in charge of music.

The “WHO KILLED JANICE JOPLIN?” play will be set at the Chamber Scene of the Serbian National Theatre. The premier is on 9 March 2020, at 8:30 p.m.



Even through there has been a huge improvement in the rights of girls and young women, reaching gender equality and empowerment of women and girls is still an unfinished business of our time.
Actual changes for the majority of women and girls in the world are slow and uneasy, and there is no country that can claim to have reached gender equality.

Through history, we have met many women who persistently resisted the tendencies of the society to put them into moulds and who decided to live their own lives.

One of them was the musician Janice Joplin, from whose example it can be seen that the fight is never easy and that it leads to the creation of the wall between us and people who want us to be something we are not.

Janice died with an unfulfilled desire – for that wall to collapse. Regardless of her self-confidence and nerve, she wanted to be a part of the world which did not want to understand her.

Through the “Who Killed Janice Joplin?” play, OPENS will once again trigger the matter of women’s rights, gender roles and stereotypes which girls and young women face even today, and which stop them from reaching their full potential – to become artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, presidents, housewives, sportswomen, initiators of changers, leaders – to have the right to choose – to BE WHAT THEY ARE.

Multiple obstacles are still unchanged in both laws and culture.

Women and girls are still underestimated; they work more and earn less and have less choice, they are labelled as this or that, unless they accept to live in the “mould”. All of that leads to negative consequences which this show wants to indicate.

The “WHO KILLED JANICE JOPLIN?” play is organised within the OPENS program (DIFFERENT YOUNG PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT SOCIETIES – Girl’s Power) which draws attention to the topic of gender equality, promotes the feminist movement and young professionals so that they join the emopowerment of girls and young women in the society.

This unconventional story about the great artist will show us what it is to be a woman who fiercely fights for her right to choose. The play should also remind the society that the empowered girls and women are an investment in the future of the entire community and that only full support and acceptance of differences leads to the quality life of an individual, but also the entire society. Therefore, a part of the income from the play is intended for OPENS’ Fund for Personal Development of Young People.