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Workshop: Efficient Time Management at Time Bank

27 September Eđšeg, Antona Čehova 4

Use your earned hours at the time bank, by learning how to successfully allocate your time, to manage to meet all your responsibilities and be satisfied with yourself in the end.

Since today, the need for efficient and effective work is growing, and our resources can be significantly limited, we daily face with the need to organise our time better, in order to better use our day and to achieve the necessary results. This is not an easy task, it includes advance planning, setting priorities, managing private and professional goals…

Time management is not a skill one “simply has” – it is a skill that is learnt and excelled whole life.

During this workshop, you will meet different materials related to time management, participate in group activities and discussions which refer to time management, what manages us? How to successfully plan time and which are the tools for successful time management?

You can send your applications with your name, surname, age and occupation to not later than 26 September, midday. We are waiting for your applications 

The workshop called “Efficient Time Management at Time Bank” is held by Biljana Živanov, MA in Psychology

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/248715482504890/