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Workshop: How to Get Over a Breakup

24 September OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2

A research has shown that in the Western culture, to which we undoubtedly belong, the breakup of an emotional relationship is the largest stressor and stress trigger, after the death of a child.

At this workshop, we will talk about why the breakup of an emotional relationship is one of the largest stressors in the contemporary culture, apart from all misfortune in a life, all hardships and everything that can go wrong.

The content of the workshop will primarily focus on the manners of overcoming those types of stress, prevention, but also some of the techniques, methods and patterns which can help us overcome the breakup of a relationship more easily, how to redefine it and how to make that “misfortune” a chance for personal growth and development.

Workshop interlocutor:
Filip Đorđević, BA in Psychology, psychological advisor, transactional analysis psychotherapist (in education), founder of “Đorđević” Psychological Counselling in Novi Sad..

If you are interested in participating, it is necessary to send your application with your name and surname and the name of the workshop to , not later than 20 September 2018.