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6 December Novi Sad

Zanateka is a new, creative program for young people whose purpose is to gather young people around the idea of innovative approach in keeping the tradition, getting to know the citizens of Novi Sad and surrounding rural places, development of team spirit and solidarity – all that through art, handwork and traditional crafts of Vojvodina.

The program is actually a part of student practice of the course Leadership and Development Youth Work in a Community, thus European Youth Capital but also Ministry of Sports and Youth of the Republic of Serbia support it.

The program is implemented by future youth workers and students of the university course Leadership and Development Youth Work in a Community of Youth Work Centre and University of Jönköping, Francesca Fornari and Nevena Sićević.

It lasts for 5 months and includes 25-30 workshops, which will be held once or twice a week, while the hours will be defined upon the formation of the group.

What do you get by participating in Zanateka?
You will develop your personal skills, the so-called soft skills
You will hang out with new people with some similar interests
You will get to know your community and the magic of Vojvodina
You will gain practical skills and new techniques and crafts
You will use our free time in a quality manner
You will gain new experience and get the confirmation about that.
You can apply through the questionnaire in this link. The deadline for the application is Friday, 6 December, and if you have any questions or doubts in the meantime, you can send them to or FB page at any time.

The participation is free of charge, and the program will cover the necessary materials for the workshops and bus tickets for activities which will be organised outside Novi Sad (in surrounding towns). All participants will get the confirmation of the participation from the organisers.