“Promoters of Social Inclusion” Training

7-9 November Vršac

The Association of Students with Disabilities invites all pupils of high-schools with disabilities to apply to the training where they will be empowered to become promoters of social inclusion. The topics of equality, self-representation as well as independence will be discussed at the training. The participants of the training will...


LECTURE: Invisible Children

19 October “Savršena mama” Parenting School, Jevrejska 19, Novi Sad

Did you know that sometimes, on very rare occasions, children are born with both genders? In Novi Sad, around 5 babies like that are born every year. Due to the environment we live in, these things are not talked about and are hidden, because that phenomena is considered a “shame” in our society, and parents […]


VII Conference About Human Trafficking “Support Circle”

18 October Startit Centre, Miroslava Antića 2, Novi Sad

On the occasion of the European Anti-Trafficking Day on Friday, 18 October 2019, in Novi Sad, at Startit Centre (Miroslava ANtić 2) with the beginning at 11 a.m., the VII Conference about Human Trafficking “Support Circle” will be organised. This year’s conference is dedicated to the support system for the victims. With the speakers...


What Are Young People In Favour Of

30 October Arena Cinema

In order to talk about what young people are in favour of, we first had to research the trends in society, culture, education and free time among young people today and then to put the most inspiring people around the same table. The following people are around the table: Dunja Jovanić – an influencer, fashion […]

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