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Not Europe. We are the centre of the WORLD. Or at least that is how it looked like for several thousands of people who kept their breath during the final point by which the best team of the world (which is, believe it or not from Novi Sad) won FIBA Challenger, in their city! Hey!

Ultra NS Challenger has stormed through the city. With an unbelievable construction in the city centre, full stands (at one point, despite the rain!) and the skills of the teams which are among the top 10 teams in the world. The best eight teams entered the finals, including Novi Sad, Liman, Zemun, NY Harlem, Sosnovy Bor, Princeton, Šakiai and Lausanne. The best in the world, but also in their own city, the team of the Novi Sad Club won the tour, with the win against Harlem from NYC in the finals. The domination of Serbian basket has been confirmed by the Liman team which, apart from NY Harlem and Novi Sad enabled the participation in the Masters Tour in Mexico City, as the third team, while the fourth best team was Zemun. Amazing Dejan Majstorović from the Novi Sad team was selected for the MVP of the tour.


The atmosphere of the Novi Sad Challenger of the world calibre was commented by the amused players from 10 countries of the world, and the fierce cheering of the audience and amazing accompanying content contributed to the fact that a lot more will be told about Novi Sad Ultra Challenger. The winning team, led by Dušan Domović Bulut, unanimously announced that the title in their city is one of the most significant ones. “To play in front of the domestic audience, in the city where everything has started, in our city was a challenge. To organise such an event has been even greater challenge, but the feeling after the win in front of our audience whose cheering was so loud and motivating is priceless”, Bulut said.

Along with FIBA, the basket clubs Liman, led by Stefan Stojačić and Novi Sad, led by Dušan Domović Bulut, The City of Novi Sad, European Youth Capital Novi Sad – OPENS 2019 and Autonomous Province of Vojvodina enabled the citizens of Novi Sad an event to remember.

Basket 3×3 is a new Olympic sport which will be presented at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 for the first time. Olympic Committee of Serbia has categorized basket 3×3 in the first category of sport for the possibility of bringing gold medals from Olympic Games 2020 to Serbia. Serbia currently has six teams which officially compete at FIBA 3×3 World Tour, and two best teams in the world come from Novi Sad – “Liman 3×3” and “Novi Sad 3×3”, so Novi Sad has been the capital of basket for years. The best players of the world, Dušan Domović Bulut and Stefan Stojačić have registered Novi Sad in the world map of this sport, while the national team of Serbia, which also consists of the people from Novi Sad is the four-time winner of world championship in basket 3×3.

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