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Seven Secrets of OPENS CHALLENGE

The story of Seven Secrets of Novi Sad hides more than seven interesting facts on our city, and the professional jury decided that it is enough for the team named ESN to be the one to win OPENS Challenge.

“Even though there are only Seven Secrets in the manual, Novi Sad has more, but these were the most interesting ones while we were creating the manual”, Maksim Karanović, one of the ESN members, who included the opinions of the students who have had the chance to visit and explore our city, says. By writing this manual, they did not focus only on the mainstream events in the streets, but they directed us to the life in passages.
“Writing the manual was a great opportunity to try something new. We got the call, since that we actively work in the organisations which cooperate with OPENS and since that each of us is everywhere and in different activities, we had the chance to make a good team and comprehensive guide”, Maksim adds.

Therefore, all answers to the questions each young tourist make in Novi Sad – where you can have a nice lunch, which clubs are good for going out, cheap hostels, a bit more expensive hotels are now at one place… But the manual also includes hidden legends on the spirit of the city, everyday customs of young people in the city and urban legends, everything is packed through the history of the city.

The jury rated the manual as very informative and well-designed. Also, the manual is described as educational and written for young people. In short, it met the expectations. “It was the decision of the majority, there were several criteria”, Jelena Karać, OPENS Youth Activity Assistant and member of the jury said. “We were scoring the manuals based on the visual content, which had to be adjusted to young people and attractive, based on the adjustment of the language to the target group, how they have shown different content for spending free time and nightlife.”

The idea of OPENS was to provide young people with the opportunity introduce their city to other young people. Next year, through OPENS programs, our city will be met by half a million people, so this is a great opportunity for young people to meet their city, but also for those who do not live in Novi Sad and want to explore it. In the future, when young tourists come to visit, they will have the possibility to use these manuals and discover the city in an attractive manner.

Barbara Divljak

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