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The story begins 6 or 7 years ago. Someone in the City realised that Novi Sad had a lot to offer to young people, especially in terms of tourism, promotion and branding of the city itself. So, among those small houses, stands, organisations, at the square that gathered young people in the whole region, the idea to candidate Novi Sad for the European Youth Capital was born.

Therefore, OPENS is, at least partially, part of the legacy of the Youth Fair.

A few years later, we won the title, and while coming closer to the following year and the city of young people, Opens Youth Fair reminds us of our roots. Let’s begin. There will be a few completely different, colourful activities under the umbrella of Opens Youth Fair, so listen carefully.

Let’s begin:

We encourage active participation of young people
By dialogue, creativity, art, performance, discussion, advocacy. It is not the method that counts, but the goal – young people who create the city of their own. Therefore, we organised two panel discussions and gathered the best young people who have a lot of things to say about tourism and promotion.

We cherish the creativity of young people
Therefore, we organised a competition for young people to show them their map of the city. We designed “OPENS Challenge” – a competition among young people directed to the development of youth tourism. It is actually simpler than it is written: we simply want to provide the young citizens of Novi Sad to introduce their city to the young people from the region and Europe by creating a short, modern and interesting tourist manual (guide) for those who come to Novi Sad. The jury meets at the Conference on Youth Tourism which OPENS organises within Youth Tourism Fair, where we will have the chance to see the winning project.

Have fun while creating
Because, if there is no fun while doing this, it makes no sense. Therefore, OPENS opens its door during Opens Youth Fair. During the festival, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., OPENS offices in Laze Telečkog 2 will be FUN Zone – Have fun in an OPENS way, in which all citizens and visitors of Novi Sad will have the chance to play, try out our lemonades and have fun.

OPENS Youth Fair has been traditionally held before EXIT, where OPENS will have its zone and special program, but for that, you will have to be patient and follow us on social networks.

Join us on 11 July at the free conference at the Eđšeg Castle. Do not forget that it is necessary to complete the application via link

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