16 Jul/2018 Published in News

We need to keep young people in Serbia – this is the conclusion from the panel discussion “Today – the Magic of the Dialogue”, held on the second day of Exit Festival, at the Institute of Design Transfusion at the Petrovaradin Fortress, regarding the employment of young people at the West Balkans and the integration of Serbia to the European Union.

Ivan Petrović, the President of the Exit Foundation Managing Board stated that the fact that the most successful people from the country leave was the sign that there would be no place for those who were a bit less talented.

“Through the Youth Heroes project, we have been promoting the young role models in Serbia for three years, with the desire to show that there are young people who can lead Serbia forward. Our idea is to use the strength of the brand and to gain attention of all decision-makers that the human capital flight, which is our top problem, must be stopped. The main fight of the 21 st century is the fight for talents, since they are the ones who can create new, large products.”

Valentina Antić, OPENS International Cooperation Coordinator, responded to the statement of the moderator of the panel discussion and the Vice-President of the European Movement in Serbia, Aleksandar Simurdić, that Serbia was at the bottom of the list of retention of young people, and that on annual basis, we lost two and a half Kruševac. She stated that she herself had left Kruševac, since that that had not been the place where she could have found a job.

“The main reason for human capital flight is that they finish the faculties with which they cannot find a job. Informal education is extremely significant and necessary. Thanks to 42 civil organisations which will be financed by OPENS in the next three years, more than 130 young people will be employed, and several hundreds of young people will gain informal education”, Valentina Arsić said. She also stated that the goal of OPENS was to include all young people in the decision-making process, to help them gain skills, to create a functional system which would cause young people to stay in Novi Sad.

Mirko Topalski, the founder and CEO of Eipix, one of the leading companies in the gaming industry at our market, agreed that the education was the key.

“The situation in IT sector in Serbia is much better today than 14 years ago, but it is not good enough. People can make and create a lot here, but they do not understand the business. The ideal situation would be to identify our young people abroad and offer them conditions to return. A step towards that or, at least, towards the termination of the human capital flight can be tax facilities for young entrepreneurs for 2019”, Topalski stated optimistically.

Marija Bulat, representative of the Regional Office for Cooperation of Young People believes that young people do not think that it will be better in Serbia, and due to the lack of such optimism, they decide to go away for good.

“The state must take more decisive steps, which would change something in the long run. The solution of unemployment needs multisector approach and the whole Government must deal with it. Young people generally do not travel enough, and even when they do, they go to the west, because the level of prejudice about the countries in the region is high. We want to encourage the mobility in the region, and cross-border cooperation here can help the development of employability”, Marija Bulat concluded.

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