As the federation of associations, OPENS was founded in 2016. After the first candidacy of Novi Sad (the city entered the top five cities but did not get the title of European Youth Capital for the year of 2018) and the loss of the title in favour of Cascais, youth organisations and organisations for young people in Novi Sad gathered and decided to once again support the city’s candidacy for the Youth Capital, but under different conditions. The city was the holder of the title, but it also belonged to the youth sector. Six organisations from Novi Sad – Students’ Association of the University of Novi Sad – Students’ Association of the Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad, Jazas Novi Sad Youth, Youth Work Centre, BalkanIDEA Novi Sad, Environmental Protection Engineers, Kulturanova – became the founders of OPENS Association which submits the annual reports to the General Meeting even today. The mentioned organisations have become the founders based on the criterion passed by Informal Forum of Youth Organisations of Novi Sad.


Along with the OPENS team, the founders strived to create and build the space and environment in which young people had the support and could have make their ideas come true, to actively join the community in which they live, to learn, have fun in a quality manner, work, express their creativity. Therefore, in 2019, the founders, along with OPENS but each in their own field of action, wanted Novi Sad to send the world the image of the city in which young people have the place they want and which belongs to them.


 Once, when we talk about the beginnings of OPENS and the history, it will be highlighted that the founders of OPENS, by their authority in youth sector supported the entire process and, following the activities, procedures and rulebooks, ensured the transparency in the work and sustainable future.