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OPENS Cookie Policy shall provide the explanation of different types and categories of Cookies used when accessing and using a website owned and controlled by “Novi Sad European Youth Capital – OPENS” Federation of Associations (Omladinski savez udruženja “Novi Sad omladinska prestonica Evrope-OPENS), with the headquarters in Novi Sad, Laze Telečkog 2 (hereinafter: “OPENS” or “we”).

By accessing this website, (hereinafter: “website” or “our website”), the User shall access OPENS Cookie Policy. OPENS shall define the intentions, purposes and manners of the processing of personal data described herein, and therefore it shall be the controller of the data (in terms of EU Regulation 2016/679).

Depending on the OPENS’s website you access, our Privacy Policy shall be applied and Cookie Policy shall be amended.

The Users shall have the right to accept the use of the Cookies before accessing this page. These rules shall enable the Users to accept the use of the Cookies or to reject their use, but also to approve, i.e. reject the use of Cookies for each category of the Cookies (except Strictly Mandatory Cookies which can be just rejected).

If you have any further questions, please contact us on:


  3. What types of cookies are there?

1. Does OPENS use the cookies?
We use the cookies in order to ensure the best experience possible for the visitors of our website. By continuing to use our website, you shall accept the Cookies necessary for the functioning of the website.

2. What is a Cookie?
The Cookies are a standard function of the Internet websites which enable the storage of a small quantity of data on the visits to the website, in the form of textual files on the Users’ computers. The Cookies have wide application, enabling significant improvements of functionality – they enable the efficiency by the identification of the device of the Users, for the purpose of making the use of the website easier (by memorizing selected settings of the Users). Also, the Cookies obtain the information about which parts of the website are useful, and which need improvement, but also help with the provision of the personalized content to the Users through targeted advertisements, thanks to the monitoring of the use of the website by the Users.

3. What types of Cookies are there?


First-Party and Third-Party Cookies enable websites to recognize whether the Users have accessed our website before, using the same browser – which in many cases influences the content which will be shown to the Users. In case the Users reject the use of all Cookies on the website, Cookies of the First-Party or Third-Party will not be used. In that manner, there will be no difference between these two types of Cookies.
When the Users visit the website for the first time, the browser of the Users who have accessed the website shall overtake the Cookies. Next time the same Users access the website from the same device, the Cookie and the information contained in it will return to the website which has overtaken it (that is the First-Party Cookie) or to other location to which it belongs (that is the Third-Party Cookie).
Third-Party Cookie providers shall deliver the Cookies in the browsers of the Users when the Users are logged in to their pages, but visit our website. OPENS has no influence on the settings of the Third-Party Cookies, thus it is necessary that the Users visit their websites and Internet pages of third party providers in order to approve the information about how they use Cookies.


In terms of the lifetime of Cookies, there are so-called permanent and session Cookies. Permanent Cookies are stored on the Users’ computers until their lifetimes expire or until the Users delete them. Session Cookies are eliminated from the Users’ computers after the Users close their browsers. When visiting our website, the Users may accept Cookies in the manner described below. Generally, the Users may select whether they accept or reject the use of the Cookies by the change of settings in their browsers.


·Rejecting to use Cookies

The Users have the right to accept the use of Cookies which enable the use of all functionalities of our website, without the limitation when visiting the website. If the Users reject the use of Strictly Mandatory Cookies, it might influence the functionality of the website and the Users’ experience when visiting our website.
If the Users reject the use of other Cookies that does not necessarily influences their Users’ experience and the functionality of the website.
If the Users reject the use of all Cookies, First-Party and Third-Party Cookies will be deactivated. Apart from that, First-Party Cookies will also be deleted, while OPENS is not able to delete any Third-Party Cookie. Therefore, it is necessary that the Users delete the Third-Party Cookies themselves, which can be done only within the settings of the browsers used by the Users (more information below).

Deactivation and/or Removal of Cookies via Users’ Browsers

If they want to, the Users can change the settings of the Cookies in the Internet browser. Such settings are usually in the menu of the Internet browsers under: options, tools or preferences. For more information, it is necessary to see the item help in the menu of the Internet browser. Different browsers can use different mechanisms for disabling Cookies, thus the Users can find more information about that on the following links:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari

The same principles shall apply to the deletion of former and activation of new cookies. Therefore, it is necessary that the Users follow the adequate guidelines of the Internet browser as described above.
There are those online tools for the deletion and clearing of all Cookies which are left by the website and other Internet pages the Users have visited (e.g. ).

Note: When the Users visit our website from other computer, it is necessary to repeat the change of settings of their Internet browsers and to make the decision about the Privacy Policy and the use of Cookies.

Different types of Cookies which OPENS and third parties use at our website are given below (Strictly Mandatory Cookies, Performance Cookies, Functional Cookies, Targeted Cookies [cookies for social media])

a) Strictly Mandatory Cookies
Strictly Mandatory Cookies ensure the functionalities without which the Users could not use our website. They ensure the settings which the Users choose on the website, presentation of the website’s version which contains the equal amount of data on the broadband connection which correspond the version of the internet connection used by the Users. Such Cookie is in charge of the functioning of the change from http to https protocol in change of the page. Such types of Cookies contain the information on the decisions of the Users on the use of Cookies on our website. In particular, Strictly Mandatory Cookies we use are:

1. Cookies which are only used for the transfer of communication via internet;
2. Cookies which are strictly necessary for the provision of the service explicitly required by the Users

The use of the Strictly Mandatory Cookies for the above stated purposes is based on our justified attempts to ensure the regular technical functioning, access and use of our website to the Users, and to provide them the services they have explicitly required.

b) Performance cookies:
Performance cookies are used for the provision of statistical data on the website performances (e.g. counting the visits, sources of visits).

c) Functional cookies:
Functional Cookies enable our website to remember the selections and settings of the Users and to ensure improved and personalized functions. They can include Third-Party Cookies.

d) Targeted cookies:
Targeted cookies show the targeted advertisements based on the Users’ interest at our website, and they manage our advertising. These cookies obtain the information on the Users’ activities at our website and other website, in order to ensure targeted advertising for the Users.

e) Social network cookies:
Social Network Cookies obtain the information on the use of social networks, in order to form the Users’ profiles.

The tables below contain the list of all different types of cookies which OPENS and third-parties use on our website, along with the information on the period of their retention (i.e. information about how long each Cookie will remain on the Users’ devices), their origin (e.g. First-Party Cookies or Third-Party Cookies) and the existence of the transfer of data outside the European Economic Area:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website and they cannot be included in our systems. They are usually set as a response to the actions which the Users have overtaken on the website, which is a request for the services, such are privacy settings, log-in or template completion.

The Users can set their browsers so that they block or send the notification about those Cookies, in which case some parts of the website will not work.
These Cookies do not keep any personal data.

The Cookies used are:


Cookies for performance and analytics ACTIVE/INACTIVE

These Cookies enable the registration of the number of visits the websites and the sources of such traffic, for the website performances to be measured and improved. These Cookies help with the identification of the most visited pages, most popular pages and least popular pages, and to make some conclusions on the behaviours of the website by the Users. All information collected by the Cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. If the Users do not allow the use of these Cookies, OPENS will not know when a User has visited our website and will not be able to follow the performances.

The use of our website is analysed by Google Analytics, a web analytic service, provided by Google, Inc. This analytic tool uses Cookies for the collection of standard information on the behaviour of the Users of our website (including your IP address) will be stored at Google, on the servers at the territory of USA. They are then used for the evaluation of the website use by the Users and the statistical reports on the website activities. In order to be excluded from the monitoring by Google Analytics, visit

Google might forward this information to third parties, in the situations in which the law requires that or when a mentioned third party processes the above stated data in the name of Google. The Users’ IP addresses will not be connected to any other data owned by Google and Google will never receive the Users’ personal information. The Users may exclude the need for cookies by the selection of adequate settings in the browser, in which case the Users will not be able to use the website in its full functionality. By the use of, the Users shall agree with the processing of their data via Google, in the manner and for the purpose above mentioned.

The Cookies used are:


Cookies for template preferences

These Cookies are necessary for mobile website and enable the website to look as defined.

Cookies for targeting

These cookies can be set by partner websites for advertising. They can be used by those companies in order to create the profile of the Users’ interests, with the purpose of the presentation of relevant advertisements to Users at other website and web locations.

These Cookies do not collect and do not store personal information directly, but are based on the unique identification of the Users’ browsers and Internet devices. If the Users do not allow the use of these Cookies, the advertisements will be placed less optimized and targeted according to their behaviour and interests, and less relevant, consequently.

The Cookies used are






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All changes which refer to this OPENS Cookie Policy will be delivered in advance, before the changes come into force.