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Design your job

“Design Your Job 3” is the continuation of the project initiative of the same name and it is currently held in Bečej, where the training for web designers is organised. Sixteen young participants of the training organised by the RESPOLIS Centre for Youth and Social Development (within Erasmus+ Programme) have visited the office of OPENS, searching for new ideas. During the visit, the young people had the chance to meet the work and significance of OPENS, as well as to visit the city and two IT companies.

“We are currently organising the projects for web designers where we teach young people from 4 countries: Cyprus, Italy, Albania and Serbia, to become junior web designers. This project is organised in cooperation with National Employment Service and partners from the stated countries. Through the projects of this type, young people meet each other and also get the chance to visit IT companies. We work on their motivation and learning of actual and practical things that occur at the market, while they are followed by mentors”, Nikola Radman, CEO of RESPOLIS explains.

“OPENS’ second pillar supports innovation and creativity with young people, thus the group which has visited us is extremely significant. They have provided us with the insight in how they use creative industries with the purpose of development of their local community, and we hope that, in the future, our ideas will get to them” Katarina Živanović, OPENS International Cooperation Coordinator Assistant explains.

The purpose is the formation of the systematic change in the increase of the employment of young people, through creation, testing and then upgrade of programme and testing in the actual sector, for deficient IT employments at the work market.

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