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Four days at Exit Festival, four tents at OPENS State of Exit Zone and four steps to get through it and become a part of Exit Tribe. Everything started on Friday, because the first day of Exit was devoted to European Youth Capital and was named OPENS Day.

During these four days, OPENS Zone was also a place for fun and a place which enabled young people to find out more about 42 partner organizations and services they provide. The first point was marked in glitter and as such, it was, for a reason, at the beginning of the zone. At the second point, the organizations worked on uniting a human being with nature. The third was dedicated to advising young people how to learn more about their rights and how to activate, and the last point was in charge of music and fun.

“Our intention was to introduce young people with our activities through fun. The idea is to connect people from different countries, by putting the pins in different colours at the world map and then linking them with a rope, making the network and showing visually how many people have connected with the entire world. Apart from that, we will provide them with the information about our free of charge activities during the year and how we promote Novi Sad as youth tourist destination”, Predrag Topalović from Serbia 4 Youth says.

Among mutual achievements of Exit and European Youth Capital, the largest one is the domestic contest for young musicians, OPENS Play@EXIT, and young winners of this competition showed their talents and music passion in front of Exit audience at four stages of the festival.

“It was amazing. The impressions are still here. When we found out we won, we were extremely excited for playing at Exit. We do not do something to win, we do that because we like to play and that is our main task. There were as many people in the audience as we expected and I think we will not forget this performance”, a member of one of the winning bands says.

The audience from more than 90 countries of the world had the opportunity to meet European Youth Capital, immediately upon arriving to the Petrovaradin Fortress. Since Exit is a festival dedicated to young people, OPENS Day fit in the concept because it is the continuation of cooperation and continuous support which EXIT Foundation provides to OPENS since 2015 and the initial idea for candidacy.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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