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If freedom was a virus, would we isolate ourselves from it, too? Did the pandemics served to really start to appreciate freedom, not only of movement but living, too?


Let’s look at freedom as a hoop behind whose elastic rims there is an armed army. Inside of it, there are ordinary people we see at the streets, but also fighters for “freedom” who remained noticed in the history. Apparently, all of them are at the same place and they start from the same position, except that some have decided to break the rims of the hoop. If they break them, they will face the armed army, and if they do no – they will turn away and return back. This is how the fight for freedom is the most picturesque. Is there any sense?


Let’s say that young people are those who found the restriction of movement during the state of emergency the most difficult, some young people talk about how the restriction influenced them and how the life after them looks like.


“As much as it was hard for me to get used to the quarantine, it is now difficult for me to return to normal life. Responsibilities at the faculty were waiting for me, because somehow, it is assumed that I was preparing exams and was dedicated to work during that time. I can say that I did find it difficult to be alone at the beginning, but I think that after this situation, people are more aware and will start to appreciate freedom, but also nature, more.” Bojan,21


Freedom is not a matter of individuals, it is just a piece of their attention. It is something we live according to the strictest and defined rules. Freedom, so to say, does not exist, and the quarantine was maybe the best confirmation of that.


“The first quarantine originates from the 14th century, from Dubrovnik and since then, there has been no more efficient fight against a new virus. I think that these methods are obsolete when we compare the world flow in the improvement of technology. It is unbelievable that anything more innovative than keeping people inside has not been designed yet. I hope that, as the society, we will be cleverer in the future and that we will have better solutions for these ideas.” Andrej, 20


Even though the physical freedom directly influence the health of someone else and thereby proved that our freedom depends on others. Therefore, it is not private but collective matter.

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