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The first national fundraising congress – FundCon, organised by Novi Sad European Youth Capital 2019 was officially opened in the Rectorate Building in Novi Sad. The idea of the congress, according to OPENS, is to gather in the same arena, at equal positions, primarily representatives of youth organisations and organisations for young people, donors, decision-makers, private and corporate socially responsible companies. This is the opportunity for networking, but also to gain new knowledge and skills through numerous thematic and info sessions, panels, workshops and exhibition zone.

“We were thinking how we could contribute and how the organisational centre in Novi Sad could be even stronger. We have come up with the idea to connect the organisations with non-governmental sector and civil society organisations from Novi Sad with different companies and donors in Serbia. At today’s congress, we will have participants from all of Serbia. The purpose is for those who have not used the services of these donors to start to think in that direction. We will talk about new manners of fundraising and self-sustainability of organisations”, Aleksandra Ilijin, OPENS Programme Activity Coordinator says.

Video credits: Marina Kričković, Isidora Prekurar, Dejana Todorović.

One of the programme goals of OPENS is the empowerment of youth organisations and organisations for young people. In that sense, networking with potential donors as additional sources of financing sustainable programmes is important.

“Young people have always changed the world. It is necessary for people to understand them, and this is the opportunity to help them. We should realise how important it is to support the vision of young people for them to make the world better. The purpose of this conference is to show young people that there is someone who will listen to their ideas and support them. We should let young people take the part of responsibility, and the city will help them”, Zdravko Jelušić, president of the City Assembly of Novi Sad says.

Video credits: Marina Kričković, Isidora Prekurar, Dejana Todorović.

Economy is a big support for all pillars of the OPENS programme, thus the support has also come from partners and friends of OPENS from Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce.

“Our mission is to include young people in economy as much as possible and to implement their projects, knowledge and energy in all economy events. We are organising a lot of gatherings, lectures and educations which many young people can attend. In cooperation with OPENS, but also without it, we try to make a sustainable ambient where young people’s opinion will always be important and where they are welcome. Our goal is to increase employment of young people, especially in this field of occupation and to enable them to find their place in our economy and not to leave abroad”, Boško Vučurević, director of Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce says.

OPENS says that at the beginning of the year, they signed agreements with 42 youth organisations for financing 46 projects for the period of three years. This was the pilot year, and as of January next year, we will really see all those ideas implemented.


Author: Mateja Ninković

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