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How important is the promotion on social networks, what are the tools for the creation and placement of content and how its effects are measured? Who are and how important are influencers? And what will happen when Instagram is gone?

Do you know the answer to any of these questions?

We don’t, but we knew who to ask.

“It is great that there are these types of informal education, even though we only scratched the surface of these topics. I would like to see universities and faculties join the education and implement something that is at least close to studying digital marketing in their programmes.

It is definitely great that the interest of young people exists. The power of social networks shows that by the fact that the largest number of people has been informed about this panel in that way and that a ticket more was required from the very beginning”, Milan Maglov, digital marketing expert says.

Instagram and Facebook are markets and places of gathering of target groups of different industries, corporations, enterprises and entrepreneurs, spaces where different brands live. A lot of money, creativity, time and other resources are invested in these platforms for as successful sales of someone’s product or services as possible. However, that does not mean that being an influencer is not a job.

“My main message to young people is to know to rise when the situation is bad, because there will be some. You have to work on yourself and on your networks on daily basis when you try to start your job and implement your ideas”, Aleksandra Arnold, the girl behind the Akatelier Brand says.

Going to a grocery store, boutique, market are replaced by searching homepages on Facebook and Instagram, by searching the key #hashtag, and the use of billboards and printing of leaflets are replaced by sponsoring the posts on social networks. That does not mean that you can expect the success or income over night, Marija Andrić, the photograph explains.

“I have gained the experience in this profession on my own, I cannot say I studied this in schools, there was no one around me who could have transferred me something like that, or anything like that. There are million ups and downs, but at the same time, that is a process which has lasted seven years in my case, and I believe it will last even longer and it requires only: order, work, discipline and studying”, Marija adds.

The following living room is moving to the premises of European Youth Capital. Join us at the OPENS Living Room in order to find out what wise learning is and how concentration can be improved. We will check your current speed of reading, degree of understanding of what is read and talk about what is crucial for gaining the techniques of advanced learning.

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