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They are known for their originality and social engagement, they strive towards changes, they are full of insurgency and they believe that in that manner, they encourage their audience and young people to change their environment. They say that music can change the world if expressed in the right way. The band exists for more than two decades, and the front of the seven-member band consists of Mirela Prisalec, known as Remi and Luka Tralić, called Shot. As young artists, they gathered to have fun and make music, what keeps them together even today. They are known for their original lyrics and music which does not belong to any particular genre. They performed in Novi Sad after a long time within OPENS Free Day concert when Remi, among other, told us that it is necessary for good lyrics.

It is necessary to invest in yourself, to read and write. I do not like the concept of artists who must suffer for their art, I think that is only an excuse to drink and do drugs. I write on daily basis and I exercise constantly, I write a lot of bad things and then I throw it away. To write something good, you need to write a lot of bad.

What was your vision and expectations when you were at the beginning? Have you met those?

We began when we were seventeen years old and we did not have any vision then. We did not think of anything, except playing and having great fun, which has luckily not changed so far. Now, we have concepts according to which we record albums and we think a bit more about that, but that comes with age and maturity. I am satisfied and I think that we are accomplished as artists.

How did you come up with the idea to turn your personal opinions into music?

The point is to have an opinion and to express it through art, either painting, web design or cooking. That makes us artists.

Rep is a style which appreciates the freedom of expression. Have you ever had any conflicts with people who do not have the same opinions and what were their usual arguments?

I have not often met with people who do not think the same, they usually just leave a comment under an article. I, personally, have not had many problems. When I am invited to a TV show, I would directly confront someone who has the opposite opinion, which is normal.

Do you believe that music can change the world?

It has changed my world, that is for sure. I did not think I would professionally deal with music, I had some other plans, as were my parents, I hope I have not disappointed them. I am very happy and free. I think that every morning, I should thank the universe for everything I have.

Who should be the role model for young people? Do you recognise insurgent and desire for change?

It is difficult to talk about the real role models today. Maybe a YouTube-er, which is not bad, because times change, not all people have role models from historical books. When it comes to insurgency, I do not want to generalise. There are people who radiate desire for change of society and surrounding. People are burdened with themselves and are not interested in some general good. That might have been the situation before, in socialism, when it was more expressed because the communion was in the focus. There are many people in whom I believe, because the insurgency is definitely a decreasing trend.

What is the message you are sending to young people?

I would tell young people to have their opinion and to try to think on their own. They should not think that everything will be easy, because there is great effort and waiver behind everything that is of good quality.

To conclude, since ELEMENTAL is celebrating 20 years of existence and cooperation, Remi tells us what is the secret of success and they say that many people who want to deal with music, as their occupation, should not believe that everything will be simple.

“People think that everything will be easy, but there is great effort, devotion, waiver and dedicated time, so the only advice I can give them is to work hard if they want to achieve success. Cooperation requires mutual respect which we have because we are primarily friends”, Remi concludes.



Mateja Ninković

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