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After a three-month spring quarantine, young people could hardly wait to experience Novi Sad and all its events again, especially outdoor ones. Kej, every student’s favorite place, was already crowded the first day after the state of emergency was lifted. With the arrival of fine weather, which we could not properly enjoy during quarantine, all public places, city beaches, meadows and parks began to fill up, followed by cafes, and finally the nightlife came to life. Everything returned to normal, including the need for young people to spend summer evenings in the company of others. 

Summer has just arrived, and the festivals which Novi Sad is famous for have started to release their lineups. People are anticipating all those summer nights that will be spent in front of the stage and bright lights. They are talking about open-air cinemas, plays and concerts, jazz gigs in the backyards of pubs and passages. They mention delicious food, barbecue and the Danube. The sounds of slippers on hot concrete, the rolling of roller skates and the ringing of a bicycle. They also mention dogs on Bećarac, fire and music. The fried smelt fish from Štrand, the sand in the sneakers and jumping into the pool. The terraces of our favorite cafes, the roofs of buildings, the eclipse of the moon, the lookout, excursions on Fruška gora and the sun. The messages of friends from abroad who can’t wait to come to Novi Sad, and for us, the citizens of Novi Sad, to take them to our “secret” places. They tell us that we are accepting and more open than others, so when they return to their homes they talk about us and the city. And we are, of course, always there to welcome them, host them, see them off and transfer a part of our manners to other countries and to other people.

Yes, people are talking about summers in Novi Sad, that’s for sure!

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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