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In the new situation of the fight against the COVID-19 virus, our OPENS Team brings you several useful pieces of advice how to spend and productively use your free time in #isolation.


We believe that each of you will find something interesting, therefore, let’s begin!


For film lovers, learning of new foreign languages, museums, theatres, here are some free contents available on online platforms:


  1. – website for watching great documentaries


  1. Bašta fest – it broadcasts short films which were a part of the selection the previous years


  1. IDFA documentary film festival – some of their films can be watched free of charge


  1. Atelje 212 –  


  1. Virtual museum tours


  1. Digi Youth Portal – SEEYN – South-Eastern Europe Youth Network has divided the online youth portal for online learning, with tutorials and a lot of games, tools for working with young people.


More information on


  1. FIST- International Student Theatre Festival, more information on:


  1. Duo Lingo for learning foreign languages – application is installed on smart phones


  1. Online TV lectures on RTS for the pupils of elementary and high-schools


  1. National Geographic and BBC Earth documentaries


  1. Udemy is always a great choice for those who want to learn something new in any spheres of interest


  1. NASA has enabled the access to its library with audio, video and photo records, available for watching, listening as well as for download


  1. Exit Foundation – interactive online tour of the Petrovaradin Fortress, for all those who have not but also those who have visited the Petrovaradin Fortress


It is extremely important to try and find the way to adapt everything that we were doing before this state of emergency to home conditions, meaning – be creative! There are so many books we have put aside for “when we find time” – now is the right time for them, and here are our recommendations:


  1. Women Who Run with the Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estés


  1. Estoril – Dejan Tijago Stanković


  1. Sergei Lukyanenko’s series “Night Watch”


  1. Portal  – here, you can find all information about free platforms for remote learning, remote work, as well as free books, courses, music, films and other educational and entertaining contents




During the #isolation, it is important to maintain physical and mental health, therefore it is important to think about our health. Almost each gym in the city has posted online advice and exercises on their social networks and YouTube channels. Some members of the team have recommended transplanting plants, transferring photos from an old phone to computers, trying new recipes, finishing old pieces of furniture, tidying up apartments / houses and cleaning closets as a choice of physical and productive activity. Apart from that, we have selected some pieces of advice how to remain positive and mentally healthy:


– It is very important to remain calm, positive, stay in online contact with those we love, to support and, what is most important, seek support and help if you feel lonely and if you do not feel well. Today, there are different types of online psychological support, call centres – let’s use them! Now, I am aware of the significance of touch which we are not allowed to use now, but we are allowed to give a smile and a kind word, and optimism is good for an organism – IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK. It is important to mention that it is completely fine to be scared because we do not react equally to these circumstances, so it is important to be in contact with those we love, to provide mutual support and to be there for those who need help.


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