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In September 2018, the “How Do You Colour the City?” campaign was initiated by OPENS, as European Youth Capital for the year of 2019. The participants of the competition had the task to record a video which would show how they colour Novi Sad. The most creative and the most innovative ones had the chance to win different awards, travel to the festivals in the region and become OPENS ambassadors. Two OPENS ambassadors, Jovan Čavić and Bojan Cibula told us about their experiences.


What made you decide to participate in the “How Do You Colour the City?” competition?


– The answer is simple: I love this city, video editing and Exit. Through photography and video, I could have repaid the city that “stands” me for 10 years. I had the material for the “How Do You Colour the City?” contest already prepared. A modest contribution, but the jury liked it. Ambassador Jovan Čavić


– To be honest, I was recording a video for some other contest. When I edited the material, I realised that I could send the same video to the contest organised by OPENS and thereby become their ambassador. P.S. At the second contest, for which I recorded the video in the first place, I did not win anything, meaning that it went to the right hands! Ambassador Bojan Cibula


What benefits did you have as OPENS ambassador?


– Fun and hanging out at the festivals, which I have already mentioned. When you put a great team of young people and celebrity performers of the region and the world, fun is guaranteed, especially when you take into account the travel to festivals to the other countries of the region. Still, there is a lot of experience, because I could have seen how a large organisation works and functions from the first hand, and that all the work could be done without “pressure”, with a smile on the face. Ambassador Jovan Čavić


– The benefits of the awards are that we could have travelled free of charge to all festivals in the region, where we promoted Novi Sad as European Youth Capital. We had the chance to travel, meet new people, new places and of course, to listen to excellent performers. I would mention EXIT as the festival held in our city, there, we are at home. Ambassador Bojan Cibula.


What are your experiences as OPENS ambassador?


– I am delighted by the amount of positivity at one place. Young, cheerful and hard-working people who support one another. There was a lot of inspiration, a lot of useful stuff I could learn watching them change this city to better. Of course, there was a lot of fun, because I have worked with OPENS mostly during the largest festivals in the region. Ambassador Jovan Čavić


– My experience as OPENS ambassador is better than great. I was very glad when I found out that I have become one of OPENS ambassadors and that I would be the one to represent my city as European Youth Capital. Ambassador Bojan Cibula

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