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We are witnesses of everything getting better and it seems that this bad dream called “pandemics” is about to finish. However, we cannot forget to thank everyone who contributed to that.


Some of them are definitely volunteers, who can be called heroes in this story. This time, we present you the heroine Bojana Krgović from OPENS, who is one of numerous volunteers who contributed to our city being alive again.


Bojana Krgović, the heroine who was last year awarded for the exceptional volunteering contribution to the work of European Youth Capital Novi Sad for the year of 2019, told us why she had decided to volunteer during the pandemics and how that looked like from her volunteering perspective on site.


– When we were told that the state of emergency was about to begin, I thought – ok, I will be at home and do those things I did not have time to do. I saw the invitation for volunteers on social networks and as someone with experience in volunteering, I decided to apply and help those in need. I passed the training for volunteers on site organised by Red Cross Novi Sad, because it was important for me to know how to protect myself and others with whom I would be in contact while volunteering. I think that my little meant a lot for someone else and that volunteers are a significant resource during the pandemics. With training and gaining the necessary knowledge, I put the mask, gloves and the protective suit on and hit off with the suitcase full of enthusiasm to help the others within another volunteering adventure! In the first five days after the finished training at Red Cross Novi Sad, along with all other volunteers, I went on site. During those days, our main task was to take care about people who are older than 65. We were buying them everything they needed. We went there with empty hands and lists, and were coming back with bags with groceries, medications, everything they asked us to do, but the smile was somehow always there, behind the mask, though. We volunteered for four hours a day and were helping 3 to 4 homes on average.


The base of volunteers within this action was expending as the time went by, so I decided to join the other volunteering group which was formed. This was the group which was helping with the setup of the temporary hospital at Novi Sad Fair along with the Military of Serbia. It is now that I understand what it means when someone works or lives “as in military”. We worked every day for five hours a day, seven days a week, and built the temporary hospital along with around 40 more volunteers. I cannot describe the feeling on fulfilment you have when you see the empty hangar on the first day, floor, ceiling and walls, and then on the seventh day, you see the fruit of your effort and work: formed little rooms, made and set beds, everything for personal hygiene ensured and so on. I only wish our effort had been useless and that no one had had to come there. All days spent at the fair were equally tiring, but while volunteering, I did not feel that because that dose of positive energy, mutual cheering and encouragement to work more and better is always present.


After couple days of rest, I got the invitation to join the third volunteering action. To be honest, I did not even ask what for it was, I got up, took the gloves and the mask, the suitcase of enthusiasm and got ready for a new adventure. This is the third week we pack the packages of commodity reserves for pensioners, every day for couple of hours. Within this period, I have learned a lot about good organisation, allocation of work, mutual support, but also to never allow that someone around me says a bad word for volunteers. 


Volunteering, I do not do good only for myself – but for others too, because that is one of the ways to build responsible society.


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