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Uprising beyond the borders

In the year in which the YOUTH WORKER is officially recognised in Serbia, NAPOR (National Association of Practitioners of Youth Work), along with the Youth Centre of Estonia organises the project called Uprising Beyond the Borders. The idea is for the participants to mutually meet the system and practice of youth work and youth policy in Serbia and Estonia. One of the stops has therefore been the office of European Youth Capital Novi Sad.

“We have come to OPENS so that they can see how an European Youth Capital in Serbia operates and which the activities are, how the youth work in Serbia and Novi Sad looks like and how everything is functioning. They are most interested in youth work in practice, because they have realised that it is not completely the same as we do that here and how they do it in Estonia. They have the infrastructure and benefits, but when working with young people, they do not use some methods which the youth organisations in Serbia use”, Nedeljka Borojević, PR Programme Coordinator of NAPOR explains.

“They were interested in the transfer of knowledge in the network of European Youth Capitals, whether we had included young people when we were making decisions on how we would create the programme and what the Youth Club looked like. Those are all interesting questions which primarily provide us with some fresh perspectives of what we do. These visits are extremely significant because thereby, we establish the cooperation with new organisations and institutions from Europe which work with young people, we develop new project partnerships, especially through Erasmus plus, but we also increase the visibility of Novi Sad as the youth capital”, Katarina Živanović, International Cooperation Coordinator Assistant says.


The group of 19 participants from Estonia and Serbia is in Novi Sad, within the project financed by the Tempus Foundation. The visit to Serbia was preceded by the visit to Estonia, about which you can read HERE.

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