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Home trainings, online seminars, free online libraries, concerts, plays, lectures, recipes for large launches… The list of activities you can do during the quarantine is too long, you will agree. Ten times already, you have heard someone say that ThIs Is An IdEaL tImE tO dEvOtE tO oUrSeLvEs. They say you can even learn a foreign language. You wonder what is wrong with you because for a month now you should work on yourself, and you are scrolling through Instagram, sleep and your conscience bites you a little.


Sometimes at the end of the month, you talked with your friend from college who has already written two seminar papers and prepared an exam, all that on indoor bicycle while he was cleaning a shelf with one hand. He says that you must get active and start doing something useful, because you will already be “behind” others when the world gets to normal. In notes, you have recommended films since 2018 which you have not seen, a bunch of books is waiting for you at the desk while the content of your wardrobe is outside for the third day, waiting for you to put it on the shelves because – when if not now? For a few days, you are ordering the same food, at the same time, which is brought by the same guy. The feed is full of the newest (meaning unchanged) news about the pandemics which you do not even open anymore.


You wait for 11 p.m. to take your dog out for a walk and to stretch your legs, and when you go back you will eat a croissant from Sunday and go to bed. You will enter Instagram, see a few stories and people who are relentlessly using the “Which member of the crisis headquarters are you?” filter. No, this is not déjà vu, this is what every day looks like, until you decide to take the things into your hands and start doing something useful. Recommended, so to say.


You say that something must change. You have a plan for tomorrow. Of course, for every other tomorrow too: Getting up at 8 a.m., oatmeal, training with online instructions, five exam questions, lunch, documentary about sharks, afternoon nap, the book that is next to the bed, five more exam questions, healthy dinner, online concert and going to bed. But…You got up at 1 p.m. and for two hours now, you are trying to figure out how many Serbs star in La Casa de Papel.


You tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day.

Quarantine is not a competition! It is OK not to do anything “useful”, to do what you enjoy the most and what is most important – what makes you happy. We are all in the same situation, but we see it differently. However, if you still decide to change something, you should know that there is a bunch of online content which can help. That is all there and does not go anywhere. There is no rush for results. Think about what you WANT the most today, not what you have to or should. Even if that is “today I don’t want anything, I want to chill from this chaos”, feel free to do that.

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