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More than 10,000 young people celebrated the year of young people in Novi Sad until early hours at the Great OPENS Thanks Concert! Novi Sad entered the year of 2019 in the same way, with 365 days for new opportunities and possibilities for the energy of young people, creativity and innovations which are primarily seen through cultural, political, economic, social life of Novi Sad and numerous youth, and also entertainment programs.

“I am glad that the title went to Novi Sad and I am happy that I have been invited to complete the closing, along with all other colleagues. I think that people should try more in order to enable more free of charge events for young people, like this one. They should be loud and attention should be paid to them. I am eternally thankful for all those who advocate for young people”, Sara Jo says, whose performance opened the last night’s concert.
The main attraction for the citizens of Novi Sad was the performance of Dubioza kolektiv, whose energetic performance made the entire SPENS dance.

Along with Dubioza, the performers were the British producer duo One Bit, who brought their energetic hits to Novi Sad, “My Way” with Noah Cyrus and “Between You and Me” with Louis. At the concert organised in the name of the celebration of the year of the title of European Youth Capital, one of the most popular pop singers of the domestic scene, Bojana Vunturišević and hit maker of the golden touch Sara Jo and the duo Divolly & Markward from Belgrade, as well as roots-reggae heroes KILLO KILLO banda from Novi Sad kept the audience on their feet until early morning hours.

“I think this is an excellent opportunity to hear what I want live and free of charge, which is something I might not have a chance. The entertainment contents are very important for young people because that is how they meet new people, hang out, because of pleasant atmosphere and opening of new perspectives. I would single out Bojana Vunturišević because she is unique and has a style of her own which is something people like very much. I expect an excellent performance”, Mina Balaban, one of the visitors of the concert says.

“The event is advertised on social networks and my friends planned to visit it so that was how I found out about it. I would single out Dubioza kolektiv because I like their energy at concerts. This is an excellent opportunity for people to hear something free of charge because their funds are limited. OPENS is great”, Mila Omazić says.

During the year of 2019, OPENS has become the synonym for open doors which are transfer of energy, knowledge, experience, information and which has empowered the capacities of young people. Thanks to the title of European Youth Capital, a large number of organizations devoted to young people has implemented a significant number of projects, with the support of volunteers and, primarily, citizens of Novi Sad of all ages, without whose good energy no event would have sense.

The Great Winter OPENS Party was held with the desire for the large number of the initiated projects to become and remain the tradition of Novi Sad!

We have opened the door. It is your turn now.



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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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