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Have you recently seen the official rank list of the best 3×3 basketball players of the world? Even if you have not, be sure that Novi Sad is dominating.

That is why it might be strange that in our city, there has been no official FIBA basketball tour. Until now.

Drumroll, please prepare for Novi Sad Ultra Challenger tour at the centre of the European Youth Capital!

Basketball spectacle at the centre of Novi Sad, organised by FIBA and basket clubs “Novi Sad 3×3” and “Liman 3×3” will be held at the Liberty Square from 24 to 25 May.

At the international 3×3 tour called “NOVI SAD ULTRA CHALLENGER”, some of the best streetball teams from 16 countries will participate. This tour has the status of FIBA challenger tour, and the winning team will get the right to participate in the prestigious Masters tour which will be organised in Mexico City in July 2019. The holiday for the lovers of 3×3 in Novi Sad will offer the audience at the central square of Novi Sad the best 3×3 tour in which the teams which marked the streetball scene in the entire world in the last years will participate.

A special delicacy will be the music part of the event which refers to the all-day hip hop fun with famous organisation Cake Beats from Novi Sad, who will be joined by Timbe, a member of the Bad Copy team, while one of the most popular Serbian hip hoppers, Mirki and Struka will join them on the final night.

The centre of Novi Sad will be turned into the 3×3 attraction which will be decorated by an elevated basketball court with the stand for 600 people, and special light and sound will contribute to a special impression. All citizens of Novi Sad and visitors from the entire world are invited to the tour which is popularizing 3×3 basketball in Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Serbia. With the purpose of the promotion of fair play and healthy life style, Novi Sad is opening its door to all lovers of this sport in the year when the city holds the title of the European Youth Capital.

3×3 basketball is the new Olympic sport which will be presented at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 for the first time. The Olympic Committee of Serbia has categorized 3×3 basketball in the first category of sport with the possibility of bringing the gold medal from the Olympic games to Serbia in 2020. Serbia currently has three teams which officially fight at FIBA 3×3 World Tour, and the two best teams come from Novi Sad – “Novi Sad 3×3” and “Liman 3×3”, i.e. the guys with whom OPENS has already made a story.

[youtube v=”LQA43ESdvSw”]

The best players of the world, Dušan Bulut and Stefan Stojačić have already mapped Novi Sad in the world map of this sport, while the national team of Serbia, which also consists of the citizens of Novi Sad is a four-time world champion in 3×3 basket. Now, it is time for the battle of titans at the European Youth Capital!

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