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“It is all matter of energy. Energy is the only real thing you can believe in” – this is a sentence of Milica Grujičić, who is the initiator of the main idea for the establishment of the “Chain Reaction” association.

The association is the reaction to the removal of Remed’s mural from the centre of the city, with the purpose of defending art by art. Since that, until today, we have been sustained by mutual energy and love for art.

“To the act of the removal of the mural, we wanted to react primarily as artists. Painting over the mural at the centre caused reactions which were very sincere, which means that people were very related to that mural in a away”, Milica says.

The Chain Reaction functions with chain merging of people who have a mutual idea – to create art at the streets. That process is joined by everyone, from children from the surrounding buildings to the artist at the crate himself, so at Beogradski kej, a new mural of “Chain Reaction” appeared, painted with the support of European Youth Capital Novi Sad which has recognised the work of the association.

“What happened was that art has talked through itself, which is something that cannot be stopped. This is willingness, and all of this has managed to be sustained only with willingness and good energy. We have never had a bad comment about our work because, when you do something organically, that faces very good reactions. Things that are coming from heart and love can grow undisturbed, but they should be supported in order to be really good.
Support of OPENS was extremely significant for this ninth mural, and I am happy that people recognise our work. Dealing with this, we have realised that we have inspired young people so much that they even founded their own association and called them Chain Reaction, they drew our logo at the wall and made a YouTube channel, and I feel amazing about that, but it also comes with great responsibility”, Milica explains.

Greek artist Fikos is in charge of the newest mural at Beogradski kej which presents the God of Love. The meaning of the mural changed at the end, when Fikos decided to add a small detail in the form of a little bird from a Greek myth. The artist tried to make a dialogue between Eros and the lover transformed into a bird, looking directly at Eros.

“Each work is my expression because art is when you do everything you love for yourself, and then for the audience. I think creativity should be put at the top place and a message should be sent through it to people and the world, and not just show people’s faces”, the artist Fikos says.

Since the beginning, until today, I have been led by a sentence of the professor of mine – “This world could have functioned without art, but we cannot even imagine what kind of world that would be”, Milica concludes.

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