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The “Days of Brazil” manifestation was held in Novi Sad for the tenth time. As it has been the case every year, within the three-day programme, workshops of samba dance, samba percussion and playing the cavaquinho instrument were held, hosted by the professionals and connoisseurs of the Brazilian culture from Brazil and other European countries.

European Youth Capital supported “Days of Brazil” this year, thus every workshop had its beginners group at three locations in Novi Sad.

The workshop of samba percussion, where the beginners had the chance to meet with the instrument and make music together, was hosted by Saša Ignjatović, musician and founder of the school of the Brazilian percussions “Sambansa”.

“We are the only school of samba percussion in the Balkans. Around 200 participants passed through our school and I think that in Novi Sad, this type of music is still popular. I am completely satisfied with the number of people who joined this year’s programme. The support of European Youth Capital means to us this year, because more people can find out about us and it has also helped us promote ourselves because we want as many young people to find out about us and to spread the energy enabled by the Brazilian percussions”, Saša Ignjatović says.

Thanks to the title of European Youth Capital, the content like this is free of charge for young people and more and more numerous in Novi Sad, which is also an opportunity for young people to discover potential interests.

“I think that we, young people, are a great potential of this city and country and we are not in a good position financial-wise. Therefore, it is important to have numerous contents that are free of charge and an opportunity to discover different things and use everything this city provides us this year. I came to this workshop because I was curious. I am complete beginner in all of this and I will probably go to “Sambansa” school in September because I liked it very much”, Una Glišić, a participant, says.

The workshops of samba dance for beginners were organized by the school of samba from Novi Sad. This year’s dance mentor would be Ivana Vajagić, leader of samba dance group “Sambalkinhas” from Novi Sad. The dance lovers are given a unique opportunity to learn the steps and feel the rhythm of the most popular carnival dance in the world and the dance of the Brazilian funk.

“I think that, since that the fact that it is free of charge encourages people to apply and come. Because, if I pay for something, I do not know if I will like it and I would not take a risk. I train samba, but I liked this workshop very much because it was very interesting to be with the beginners. I have realized that there are a lot more content for young people since we are European Youth Capital. I think that before we got the title, we did not have as many interesting things as now”, Nina Adžić, the participant of the workshop of samba dance says.

Traditionally, the “Days of Brazil” manifestation was closed by the carnival parade where the most attractive signs of Brazil as well as steps of the beginners passed through the centre of the city.

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